Our Approach to Teaching

Our Approach to Teaching

Centered on the learner, our Pedagogy puts a special emphasis on Practice - speaking (since a language not practiced is a dead language) therefore, in order to help our learners, become independent in their learning, we have developed strategies on how to achieve this.

Below are some of the many learning methods we use (but remember that there is no one method, no matter how good it is, that will suit all learners);

1. The Direct Method (also called the Natural Method): The student learns by directly associating the meaning in English.

2. Communicative Language Learning (Interaction, Authentic Communication and the Importance of Negotiation):
English comprehension through active student interaction; role-playing, games, information deficits.

3. The Audio-Linguistic Method: Auditory and speaking exercises where the practice of repetition is done only in English.

4. Humanistic Approaches:
- Interaction between students rather than between students and teachers.
- The learning of comprehensive texts and vocabulary.
- English comprehension through active student interaction.

- The auditory comprehension approach (the natural approach, the learnable items and the full response): The auditory method and much more.